Thank you for applying to the SIP Study (Simultaneously Implementing Pathways for Improving Asthma, Pneumonia, and Bronchiolitis Care for Hospitalized Children)! For more details on the study, please visit our website.

Please note that this application requires you determine the number of children hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of asthma at your hospital in 2019. We encourage applicants to contact someone in your hospital's medical records department to determine this value. You can use ICD-9-CM codes 493.XX, or ICD-10-CM codes J4521, J4522, J4531, J4532, J4541, J4542, J4551, J4552, J45901, J45902, J45990 , J45991, J45998. You can include children admitted under inpatient or observation status. With that information in hand, this survey application should take less than 10 minutes.

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